☁ come the dawn, we shall see (ofraindrops) wrote in emily_lims,
☁ come the dawn, we shall see

round 1, challenge 5

Challenge Five

Click image to see its full size

~ LJ standards apply (must not exceed 100x100 pixels, or 40kb, .jpg .png or .gif format). Animation is allowed.
~ Do not post your icons anywhere else until the results are anounced.
~ Your LJ user name must NOT be visible in the name you give to your icons. The icons must be anonymous.
~ Deadline is Friday, May 15th by 8 PM UTC {Time Counter}. Anyone who does not submit by then will be disqualified unless they use their skip.
~ Submit your entry as a comment to this post.

Icons Submitted: 3/11
Tags: challenge 5, round 1
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