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emily_lims's Journal

Emily Browning Last Icon Maker Standing
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Emily Browning

emily_lims is a Last Icon Maker Standing (LIMS) conpetiton for the beautiful actress Emily Browning. Each time voting goes up, you vote for your least favorite icon(s), and a number of people will be eliminated until we achieve a Last Icon Maker Standing.

You must be signed-up for the LIMS to be able to participate in the competition. The sign-up post is here.
Every Monday a new challenge will be posted & the mod will be providing you with a picture or screencap of Emily Browning. You have to create an icon using only the picture provided for you. Your entry must fit LJ standards (under 40kb, 100x100px, etc..). Textures, blenging, & animations are ALLOWED.
Keep your icons anonymous until the results have been posted & please submit your icon/s in the challenge post, in this format: the icon & image URL ..
You must participate in EVERY challenge (unless you want to use your skip) or else you will be disqualified.
Winners will be posted every Monday, along with a mod's choices. A number of people will be eliminated, & therefore disqualified from the entire competition. You may not enter the next new challenge if you have been eliminated.

Mondays : New challenge goes up. You have until Friday to submit your icon.
Fridays : Voting for the current challenge will be posted.
Sundays : Voting ends, winners will be annouced.

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